"Happy customers or unhappy customers are created by the developer," says Henry. And over the past decade, the Magellen 20/20 team members have had many happy customers. That's because of their driving principle to optimize the value of each home by creating intelligent layouts that make every square foot work harder. What does this mean to you, the buyer? More usable space. And less wasted space.
The creation of efficiency is a detailed and painstaking process. At Magellen, we like to say that we design our buildings from the inside out. That means we think about each suite as if we ourselves were going to cook in the kitchen, entertain in the living room and sleep in the bedrooms.
We reconsider traditional layouts and conventional amenities, and then come up with innovative solutions that give your home more usable and flexible space, at a very competitive cost.
And that’s the beauty of efficiency. It gives you homes that flow and feel larger than you’d expect – at a smaller price.
In fact, the Magellen team knows that most people will get excited about the price and might not even notice the efficiency until they live in their home. But that’s okay, because once homeowners spend time in a Magellen 20/20 space, they’ll understand. And this is how happy customers are created.

"Residential buildings are essentially designed from the inside out. Too often the exterior architecture is sacrificed for expediency. In my experience, Henry constantly challenged us to pursue architecture in parallel with the development of the floor layouts, which is something that most developers either don't feel is necessary or are too lazy to consider."
Peter Clewes