The Magellen 20/20 corporate vision focuses squarely on relationships with stakeholders, realtors, the city, neighbours, the development community and, above all, the homeowner. Henry and his team approach every relationship with integrity and a commitment to deliver what's promised. This approach has resulted in strong partnerships with the development community and repeat business with Magellen 20/20 residents and investors.
It is no surprise then that the Magellen 20/20 name is fast becoming the benchmark for intelligent, considerate urban development. And this is possible only with the synergy that comes when everyone involved is dedicated to making the purchase of a home a joyful and trusting experience.
What's more, Magellen 20/20 lives up to its name. The company gives 20 percent of annual profits to a variety of local charities. And recognizing the consummate contribution of the Magellen 20/20 staff, another 20 percent goes to an employee profit-sharing program. From the CEO to the receptionist, everyone is a partner in this truly unique corporate environment.

"In our experience working with Henry, we have found him very knowledgeable and personally very involved in all aspects of the development process, resulting in a very coordinated, marketable, economically constructed and successful final product. We feel Henry's input on Freesia will result in great success for the development."
Larry Doyle
Lawrence Doyle Architect Inc.